Globally, UAE has been ranked as the most stable economy and 10th best country in terms of ‘soft power’

According to a significant global power survey, the United Arab Emirates is the nation with the strongest and most stable economy and one of the world’s top “soft powers.”

For the second year running, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains ranked 10th in the world’s Brand Finance Soft Power Index 2024, making it the only country in the Gulf to rank among the top 10.

Eliza Jean Reid, the First Lady of Iceland, and Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, announced at the yearly Global Soft Power Summit, which took place in London and was attended by several world leaders and public figures, including former British Prime Minister Sir John Major.

UAE a world leader in soft power rankings

The United Arab Emirates has exhibited an impressive trend in both its ranking and position within the global index. The survey polled more than 170,000 people to evaluate the 193 UN members.

Brand Finance defines soft power as “a nation’s ability to influence the preferences and behaviors of various actors in the international arena (states, corporations, communities, publics, etc.) through attraction or persuasion rather than coercion”.

The UAE has steadily moved up the ranks, enhancing its standing as a major force in influencing attitudes around the world.

The UAE has consistently maintained its influence and reputation on the international scene, as seen by the considerable advancements it has made over time in the Brand Finance Soft Power Index.

The “Strong and Stable Economy” indicator had the United Arab Emirates at the top.

This validates its position as a prototype for sustainable economic expansion and diversification, especially in light of its recent leadership’s wise choices and successful execution of several sensible tactics.

The UAE has been successful in reducing its dependence on oil as its main source of income by encouraging the expansion of other industries, including financial services, technology, tourism, and renewable energy.

This diversification creates new opportunities for growth and advancement while fortifying the economy and protecting it from changes in the price of oil.

Furthermore, despite the worldwide decline in international trade, prior data indicates that the UAE’s non-oil foreign trade increased dramatically in 2023, reaching an unprecedented level of AED3.5tn ($953bn), a significant milestone for the country’s economy.

Major international corporations as well as promising businesses in a variety of industries are found in large and increasing numbers in the UAE.

According to the “Internationally Admired Leaders” indicator, the UAE came in at number ten. This indicates the status that the UAE leadership has attained on a global scale as a result of its well-rounded foreign policy, which includes promoting Emirati values, creating peace bridges, and strengthening diplomatic ties with all nations.

The United Arab Emirates’ high ranking is indicative of the proactive and influential role it plays as a proactive partner in promoting global peace and development, both regionally and globally.

In terms of “Future Growth Potential,” the UAE came in third. This demonstrates the nation’s strategic vision for investments and prospects in several important areas, such as innovation and the development of technology infrastructure.

This vision plays a major role in supporting the UAE’s ability to investigate new growth prospects in the scientific, social, and economic domains.

It also enhances the nation’s standing as a top draw for talent and investors from around the world.

In terms of “Affairs I Follow Closely,” the United Arab Emirates came in at number 10. The UAE emphasizes its accomplishments in all spheres and cultivates efficient channels of communication with the public and with local, regional, and international media platforms through its media outlets and institutions.

The United Arab Emirates’ remarkable developmental journey and positive international image have been enhanced by this robust media presence.

The UAE has strengthened its reputation as a potential travel destination across several economic and tourism sectors by successfully hosting the prestigious EXPO 2020 as well as several specialized events across a variety of sectors.

The UAE’s genuine values and dedication to helping others are reflected in its ranking of third in the Soft Power Index’s “Generous” indicator.

Through various humanitarian projects and aid, the UAE has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping nations and peoples.

The United Arab Emirates came in eighth place in the “Influential in Diplomatic Circles” indicator of the Brand Finance Report 2024.

Attaining this status highlights the UAE’s crucial role in the world through its effective engagement with international organizations and active diplomacy, which favorably contributes to world peace and stability.

According to the “Business and Trade Image” indicator, the United Arab Emirates ranked 10th in the world, demonstrating its success in creating a climate that is conducive to investment and business.

The UAE has successfully addressed regional and global challenges that have emerged thanks to extensive and cutting-edge legislation that has been put into place recently. As a result, the UAE has established itself as one of the world’s leading nations when it comes to overcoming challenges.

As evidence to its commitment to leading the way in technology and innovation, the United Arab Emirates came in at number eight on the “Leader in Technology and Innovation” indicator.

By investing in artificial intelligence, financial technology, education, science, and other fields supporting the development of advanced space industries, the UAE is dedicated to upholding and advancing its position as a worldwide center for innovation and technology.

The United Arab Emirates secured the ninth position in the “Safe and Secure” indicator, demonstrating the country’s high standard of living and capacity to offer a secure and admirable environment to locals and tourists.

The accomplishment in this area is the result of committed efforts to create a top-notch security and law enforcement framework, which is essential to maintaining social order and creating a sense of security in all spheres of society.

The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated exceptional performance in several sustainability indicators, placing ninth in the world for “Sustainable Cities and Transport” and eighth for “Invests in Green Energy and Technology.”

The leadership of the United Arab Emirates has announced that the Year of Sustainability will continue until 2024. This illustrates the nation’s continued dedication to sustainability, particularly given the noteworthy results and accomplishments of COP28.

In just three years, the value of the UAE’s national brand increased dramatically from $700 billion to $1 trillion, securing the nation’s top spot as the most valuable national brand in the Middle East and Africa.

The Brand Finance Soft Power Index offers a thorough evaluation of each nation’s global soft power influence. Over 170,000 respondents from the 193 UN member states were polled for the index.

The Brand Finance report examined 55 primary and secondary indicators to gauge a nation’s favorable reputation and capacity for positive change, as well as to gauge public opinion and perceptions worldwide regarding a range of topics, including the investment climate, goods, and services, living, working, studying, and travel.

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